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January 10, 2008
Tequila E-mail

Introducing Tequila, a new emerging female rapper from Oakland, California. Growing up in the Bay Area, Tequila witnessed the birth of Hyphy music and was inspired by this trend along with her love of singing and rapping to persue a career in music. Here, you will find out more about Tequila and her plans to take on the music industry by storm, as well as the opportunity to listen to her music to see what Tequila has to offer…


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What Hyphy artist or song was it that caught your attention and made you want to become an artist as well?

No artist made me want to become an artist because I was always into music as a youngster singing at school and in church. However, MacDre’s music is a symbol of hyphy music and when I heard his music it made me proud to be from the Bay Area where the hyphy sound was starting to spread. MacDre, Keak Da Sneak, E-40, Too Short and Cougnut were favorites.

I know you started singing in the church-when did you know that you wanted to be a performer?

As a child! My father (WC McClinton) had a television ministry and he put me on my own Christian Kids talk show. I loved to sing in the church and perform at recess in school to entertain my peers. As I grew up, my desire to entertain grew. To this day, whenever I see a stage or someone performing I

want to let people know I was a rapper.

Who was Tequila before she became a rapper? What type of student were you in High School? Were you in any organizations, athletics, etc?

Tequila is my birth name but I believe I was always a rapper since grade school. I could not wait for recess or between classes to entertain the other kids. I was not into school much but I loved to entertain and draw attention to myself. I regret that I did not apply myself in school because as I look back on it now I could have done so much better. I am applying my knowledge now to do better and I want to encourage those that felt the same way about school to apply yourself now and you won’t regret it like me. You already know I was into band because it had something to do with music, performing and entertaining.

What are the misconceptions of Hyphy music (if any) that you would like to resolve?

Hyphy music is misconceived as a fade and some artists’ get boxed as only able to do fade music. My music far exceeds hyphy, but I am not ashamed to do some hyphy music. To say hyphy is a fad is to say the Bay Area is a fade because hyphy is our lifestyle. Much like hip hop is a lifestyle. I believe we have always been hyphy in the Bay Area but now the public has put a label on it. I don’t think that our music gets the credit it deserves but we don’t have the artists getting into the mainstream like other areas either. We have a lot of talented artists’ doing hyphy music here in the Bay Area and a couple artists have gotten deals. My music is more than hyphy, but the single is a hyphy single. When I first put my music on myspace all the other regions of the country responded well outside the Bay Area. I classify my music as neo-soul, jazz, hyphy hip hop!

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As an upcoming female Hip Hop artist, you will have young girls looking up to you and with the many misogynistic videos and songs on TV and the radio, you will by default be looked up to as a role model for young girls-how do you respond to that?

I don’t look down upon anyone and what they do with their music because music is a form of expression. I don’t do sex songs or song that degrade myself. I was raised in the church to respect myself and others so I don’t want to put myself out there like that. I welcome the role of being a role model to young girls. I am not perfect but I am not misguided either. My music is not all peaches and cream but again it is a form of expression.

Often times an artist has music and his/her message does not come across correctly by audiences. What is it about your music that you want people to understand the most?

A lot of my music are my life experiences so I rap and sing about what I know. The hood, gangsta, ghetto, progress, success are all things I can testify too. As I grow in this industry my experiences will grow and my music will grow. Listen to my song on my myspace page “I’m Just Me” for an idea of who I really am!

So, your song Go Dumb Girl isn’t necessarily about an actual non-intelligent girl-explain to our readers what Go Dumb Girl is about-and what the unique hyphy slang is all about.

Go Dumb is party song! Go Dumb Girl is to have fun. Go Dumb Girl is to have fun. Go dumb, get stupid, get hyphy are all fun expressions of enjoy yourself. 18 dummy is to to drink 1800 Tequila. Get hyphy is to get hyperactive while enjoying yourself. Watch my swagged is to check me out. The song is a party song

Your single Go Dumb Girl is getting radio play across California, what is next for you as far as performances goes? Any upcoming tours and/or collaborations with other artists?

I don’t have any tours scheduled but as the single grows we plan to tour to all the markets that shows the single love and bring the party. We have a few select dates scheduled over the next couple weeks.

The producer of the track and he is also featured on the track and he is dynamic with his sound and I thank him tremendously for the opportunity. He was Tupac’s original producer and there are plans to do a Tupac collaboration. Also in the works is a collab with Kyle Rifkin who is part of Rob Base’s group “The Incredibles.” There is also talk that Rob Base will be part of the Go Dumb Girl (remix).

Hyphy music incorporates a lot of dance-do you dance in your performances?

I tear the stage up. I believe my show performances exceed my recordings. There is a difference when your in the booth recording and when you perform because you can improvise and give the people a show. You can get hyphy with the crowd’s support and their energy.

You hosted your own TV show at the ripe age of 13, tell me about that-what was your show about?

It was a Christian kids talk show that focused on social issues with the youth and encouraged them to stay in school and basically follow rules. Again, my father who is minister encouraged me to start in show business at a early age. Both he and I continue performing to this day. His television ministry is doing well and he is my biggest supporter.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is Man Up Ni**a! My mother says that to encourage you to get it together!

What is something that no one knows about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing with our readers? (any guilty pleasure of yours, for example, is there a TV show that no one would expect you to watch that you don’t miss, or do you have a secret passion for Broadway Musical show tunes etc?)

My sister/mentor (Takith Johnson) who was a very talented gospel singer passed away from Lupus at an early age, and in her honor I plan to open a Lupus Foundation in her name. Also, I desire to build my father a bigger church for his ministry and I do have a passion for the Oprah show! That is a couple extra tidbits!

Who are you listening to right now on your ipod/mp3 player/cd player-what was the last song you listened to?

Me, I play my music whenever I can to get different ideas for my performances. The last song I listened to was “Rock With You” on repeat!

Ok Tequila! That’s all the questions I have for now. I look forward to your future projects. Stay in touch with me and the rest of the Caught Magazine family!

Thank you and the Caught Magazine family for the love and support. I also want to thank my management staff for their love and support!

By Adrienne Blanks



January 10, 2008

Tequila, the female rapper nominated Bay Area Female Artist-of-the Year has been given a release from her previous label Liferdef Records. The label released all of its artists to concentrate on one project and other issues posted on a blog on the labels’ website. The split was welcomed by Tequila who has been putting the finishing touches on her second album “It’s My Swagga.”

Tequila, who is managed by OnLok Music and Entertainment has been considered one of the most unique female rappers and her sound does not fit the mode of other female rappers. Tequila’s voice has been labeled by some music industry insiders is a cross between Macy Gray, Da Brat, Erykah Badu, and her delivery rivals no one. Her new album “It’s My Swagga” is pending considering her release.

In 2007, Tequila’s single “Go Dumb Girl” appeared on several major radio stations (WEUP – Huntsville, AL, KPAX – Fresno, CA, KDON – Monterey, CA, KPEX – Fresno, CA, and KYZZ, Monterey, CA) as well as hundreds for internet radio stations. The song peaked in the top 250 songs in the U.S. on the Mediabase Rhythmic charts as well as the BDS charts in November.

This Bay Area female rapper has made a name in the industry as she has shared the stage and toured with the likes of Too Short, Tech9ne, Pitbull, and Turf Talk.

Caught Magazine recently featured Tequila in its December issue seeking Tequila’s feedback on the Bay Area Hyphy movement, and its influence on her music. In addition, she was recently signed to a ringtone deal with The Nichols Group and ringtones are now available worldwide on Boost Mobile, Jamster and more.

For additional information, an electronic press kit, or a demo on Tequila, contact Broyce Batchan at or (650) 333-0370.