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June 28, 2011


JULY 1 ,2011 PRESS RELEASE INTL’ WOMEN OF REGGAE CD 2011 Presents Intl Women of Reggae CD 2011 to include a broad talented Group of Women Worldwide
who deserve your exposure , interviews and plays on radio and internet promotion. They were handpicked for there location and talent .as well as there successes. Some are award winning djs and singers already, Like Chatta ,Misteree, Barbee, Tequila , and others deserve some exposure to become greater..Artists in the next yrs coming out..

The men in Reggae seem to get more exposure in the past , We hope you will listen with an open ear and give credit to these gals for there extreme talent and excitement in Reggae as a Writer, Performer and Producer.

July 1 is the Anniv.. of Dennis Brown passing so its an important date to release three tracks of this Intl’ Women of Reggae CD first also Volume 2 cd Tribute to DBrown will be entered to new onlne stores 25 great tracks which you can hear on both Vol 1 and vol 2 is there in a trackstore to hear and buy 50 Original Tracks of Artists who knew Dennis or influenced by him .

This Women of Reggae Cd 2011 is a real Tribute to them, there style and originals . We hope you enjoy these 15 tracks Soon you will recieve three tracks to blast. Please review them and let people know Its an Ascap CD soon out at Tunecore online stores . All is registered at Dennis Brown Tribute Publishers Ascap. We are on over 3000 music and business sites and will be sharing some tracks on those as well as our cd art .

We are a nonprofit org and expect radio and internet to share playlists with us for our Ascap credit . This must be better recorded.. Our emails will be copied and tracked who has played our music. Our goal is to send music depts at Jamaica schools band and computer equipment for the DB Tribute 50th, 52nd and 54th Anniv and Bday .

Thanks for your listen and plays and passing to more radio only and as much exposure as possible on your stations for the Women of Reggae .
We will have interviews and emails available after the CD release. or we can pass your email on to them as well.